Editorial services

You may have written a document in-house and require someone to edit it. You may be almost ready for publication and simply require a proofreader to run a careful eye over it. You may even need someone to help you write the content. I can step in at any stage of the process.

Editing and proofreading

I am comfortable working on all kinds of documentation, large and small:

  • advertising material
  • annual reports
  • other corporate documents
  • website content

Style guides

It is important that the documentation your organisation produces is consistent, in both the overall way the document is presented and in the nuts and bolts of the content. A style guide ensures that any in-house staff who are responsible for creating content, as well as freelancers, are using the same style and spelling conventions. The guide may include rules for things such as:

  • font size and style
  • paragraph spacing
  • spelling preferences
  • punctuation
  • company colours and logos

Style guides can be as basic or as intricate as you need them to be; it depends on the publications your organisation produces. We can work together to identify what needs to be included, and I will suggest style conventions while ensuring that your needs and preferences are incorporated.

For further information, please contact me.