Website consulting

Your company’s website is often the first thing a potential customer sees, and poor content reflects badly on your business. The text should be free of errors, but just as important is making sure the content is readable; users want concise text, they don’t want to be bombarded with too much information, and they like to be able to scan content. Then there’s search engine optimisation (SEO) to consider – potential customers have to be able to find you on the web.

But it’s not just the content that’s important; the way a website is structured can mean the difference between a site that brings in more business and one that’s unsuccessful. If a user can’t easily find the information they’re looking for, if they get lost within your site, or if the design and typography aren’t easy on the eye, they’ll lose interest quickly.

I can help to improve the quality of your website’s structure and content, with any or all of the following:

  • editing
  • proofreading
  • advice on the structure of the site
  • writing content
  • QA testing on the completed website
  • assistance developing sites, using WordPress, Squarespace, Dreamweaver or HTML/XHTML and CSS

For more information, please contact me.